Helping others can help you

It’s common knowledge that showing kindness or compassion is good. However, are you aware that being helpful also benefits your mental health?

In this post, we’ll examine some key advantages of showing kindness to others.

1. It improves one’s mood.

According to a study, folks who regularly demonstrate kindness and compassion are generally happier and enjoy better mental health.

This is why being kind can relax you and give you a positive feeling. In fact, you might have already experienced being quite pleased with yourself after giving gifts or helping someone.

However, giving things to people is just one way of showing your generosity. You can also demonstrate kindness in other ways. You can be generous with your compliments, share food, assist the elderly or physically handicapped, or provide words of encouragement.

2. It helps reduce stress and negative emotions.

Whether you’re the giver or receiver, kindness lessens bad feelings in the same manner that it increases happiness. Being kind will relieve tension and reduce your likelihood of experiencing negative emotions like fear, sadness, or rage.

3. It can boost one’s health.

Negative emotions and chronic stress can cause health problems. Conversely, positive emotions are associated with improved health. Showing compassion can have a favourable impact on your health and wellbeing. It can strengthen your immune system, and make you more resilient physically and psychologically.

4. It serves as a bridge between people and strengthens relationships.

Kindness is an attractive quality people seek, whether it be in their work, familial or romantic connections. Genuine kindness goes a long way in not only building but also strengthening relationships.

5. It inspires others to do good.

Good deeds, such as acts of charity, benefit not only the recipient but also those who witness them. When a person sees someone showing generosity, it can inspire them to perform charitable actions. The same can be said of the person on the receiving end.

When you experience the positive feelings that come with getting help with no expectations, you may also want to pay it forward.

Being kind comes with a lot of benefits.

Helping others can boost your health and mood, reduce stress, enhance relationships and inspire others to do good things. 

So, in a world where people struggle from day to day, choose to be kind.

If this article has inspired you to think about your own unique situation and, more importantly, what you and your family are going through right now, please contact your advice professional.

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